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what clients say

Norlyn was a great help in working on updating and editing my company's website. Despite the many challenges and complexities she had to face she never loses her nerve and improved her skills to come up with a solution whenever she could. Norlyn was able to successfully complete the job and meet the final goal!

It was a pleasure working with Norlyn and I am sure she will be a great asset to any team she will join during her career!

- Francesca A.

Norlyn since day one became a great asset to my team and helped us completing many challenging projects.

Norlyn is a real professional, I was particularly impressed by her ability to handle multiple projects, deliver always on time and her level of productivity.

Norlyn would be an asset to any team and comes with my high recommendation!

- Gianmaria P.

Norlyn has contributed invaluable work with us. She is incredibly efficient and her hard work has yielded great value towards building brand awareness. She is also very thorough and has provided fantastic insights into areas that are easily overlooked. Finally, she has been a consummate professional and is therefore highly recommended.

- Steven F.

Norlyn is in a League of her own! She has worked remotely with me helping me with everything from Wordpress developer & manager to digital marketer/SEO. Her work is always stellar and delivered on time. She is proactive, communicative, courageous, respectful, loyal and a joy to work with. I highly recommend Norlyn to anyone in need of a WordPress developer.

- Aldin W.

Norlyn work for my company as a web designer for our new website. She is fluent with the WordPress platform and most page builders. She was easy to collaborate with. Seamless communications allowed for a shared vision and produced an excellent result.

I highly recommend Norlyn to those in need of web development.

- Kevin A.

Norlyn is a pleasure to work with. She works quickly and is very attentive to my needs. I will keep Norlyn on my go-to list.

- Jon L.

Norlyn did a great job and was easy to work with. I will have more work for her in the future!

- Adina P.

Norlyn delivered a very good quality HTML/CSS website based on the given design mockup. I can definitely recommend hiring her for website development in HTML/CSS and for transforming mockups into websites!

- Petra J.

As an entry level freelancer, Norlyn was of a great help to us in editing and developing a basic custom layout, consisting of flex-containers.

During the work progress, things were sorted and worked out as required and she tirelessly and willingly was engaging on the task, including a number of reviews.

For suitable work to come, we want to hire her again and again!

- Ulrich H.

Norlyn or Yen, worked with us with a couple of our clients. We will continue to work with her and recommend her without hesitations. We are extremely happy with the quality of work, support, and the response she provided. She knows her work and she listens well and implements changes very quickly. The websites are done according to specifications and she will provide alternatives and recommendations if the content management system has limited capabilities and options to achieve specified features for the website.

- Susie B.